Tomlinson House Transitional Living

Tomlinson House, our 6-bed Transitional Living House, sits adjacent to the halfway house on Mount Kemble Ave., and is available to graduates of the halfway house program and women from the surrounding communities who have completed a similar treatment program, with 6 months or more of continuous abstinence from substances.

Tomlinson House offers: Sober and Safe Independent Living Environment, Affordable Housing, and Aftercare & Outpatient Services.

Sober and Safe Environment

Each resident receives individual and group counseling to address the issues that contribute to or stem from her addiction, as well as psycho-education about the disease of addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Affordable Housing

Developing responsibility and improving self-esteem are goals underlying each woman's treatment plan. The life skills component of our program focuses on education on financial management, job search techniques, interviewing and job skills training when appropriate.

Aftercare Services

A more independent lifestyle with all of the benefits of Mrs. Wilson's Halfway House next door. Residents have access to the aftercare service, outpatient support, and other resources of Mrs. Wilson's Treatment Center. Tomlinson House offers a nurturing, safe independent living environment.