Mrs. Wilson's Halfway House

Our 18-bed residential program has a variable length of stay clinically determined by the treatment team; on average, the stay is 6 - 8 months. There are three main components of the treatment program: Counseling, Life Skills, and 12-Step Groups.

Counseling Sessions

Each resident receives individual and group counseling to address the issues that contribute to or stem from her addiction, as well as psycho-education about the disease of addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Family members and significant others are also invited to participate in family and couples counseling.

Life Skills

Developing responsibility and improving self-esteem are goals underlying each woman's treatment plan. The life skills component of the halfway house program focuses on education on financial management, job search techniques, interviewing and job skills training when appropriate.

Each resident is expected to find and maintain full-time employment in the community after the 3-week orientation period. She must contribute to residency fees, perform household chores, help with cooking for herself and other residents, and participate in governing of the household.

12-Step Groups

The principles of the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step model form a basis of Mrs. Wilson's recovery plan.

All residents are encouraged to become active in the local 12-step community.