Supporting Services

Treatment Programs:

Mrs. Wilson's Halfway House

18 bed halfway house for women seeking recovery from substance abuse in Morris County, New Jersey.

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Tomlinson House

Transiltional living for 6 women - a safe, nurturing environment in the heart of Morristown, NJ.

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Intensive Outpatient & Inpatient

Community centered, evidence-based programming up to 5 days a week.

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Supporting Services

Family Program, Alternative Therapies including Qigong, Tai Chi and Pet Therapy for women seeking recovery from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

Family Program

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Supporting Services

We take a holistic approach to drug and alcohol rehabilition... involving family, alternative therapies and even Pet Therapy to help heal.


Family Program

Mrs. Wilson's Family Education Program provides education and treatment services with a focus on understanding the clients' symptoms and interaction patterns with their environment. The objective of the program is to provide:

  • Education
  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Application strategies

Mrs. Wilson's clinical team understands that family treatment is a preferred method of treatment for depression, substance abuse, relationship problems, and a couple's enrichment.

Life Skills

Alternative Therapies

Bianca Godoy brings a broad range of insight through her practice that include Qigong & Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, dance and shamanism. She is also a practitioner of energy balancing therapy-using modalities such as Healing Touch and Reiki.

Bianca holds certifications to teach Qigong from Supreme Science Qigong Center and the Chinese Health Qigong Association. She also completed a Qigong Healer Certification Program at the Chambers Center for Well Being, part of the Atlantic Health System in New Jersey.

These Alternative Therapies are available to the women at Mrs. Wilson's helping the to manage stress and focus on healing.


Pet Therapy

Research has shown that animal interaction through pet therapy has the following benefits:

  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Decreases depression and anxiety.
  • Stirs fond memories.
  • Speeds healing.
  • Decreases isolation.
  • Encourages communication.
  • Provides comfort.
  • Assists young people w/ learning skills.

Creature Comfort Pet Therapy (Cold noses warming hearts) provides wonderful opportunities for our women to interact with Therapy Pets.

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